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<Series Plot>


Once, a demon rose out of the Earth. Six teenagers banded together, fought the forces of darkness, and won.


“GRAVES” tells the story of those kids, ten years later. Riddled with anxiety, depression, and general discomfort towards normal life, these 29-year-olds struggle with their careers, relationships, and all those other things that make you an “adult.”


But now, the demons are coming back, and they are looking for revenge. These “grownups” are gonna have to work through their shit, get their lives together, and hopefully kill a demon or two.


"GRAVES" is a gothic, manic-depressive-fever-dream of a web series, that's a blend of lo-fi relationship comedy, millennial drama, and 90's supernatural television. created by Terence Krey and directed by

Terence Krey and Dan Fox ("Oh, Inverted World") .


<Season 1 Plot>


Jane Stevenson is a struggling comic book artist living in the small town she grew up in. On the evening of her 29th birthday, she’s has to deal with a terrible bar outing, an old crush moving back home, and Astaroth, the demon prince that wants to kill her and her friends.


<Season 2 Plot>


Its been six months since the demons came back, and Jane hasn’t adjusted well. Between Jacob’s disappearance, Rich being out of work, and visits from the demon Astaroth, winter pretty much sucks. And now there’s a new demon in town that wants Jane’s help, forcing her to confront her past, and make peace with the dead.




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