Hello and welcome to where you read about the characters from GRAVES. It will not be well written.




Jane Stevenson is a 29-year-old struggling artist who recently moved back home to the town she grew up in.

She spends her days working at the local comic book store and her nights working on a comic about what happened

ten years ago, the night she casted a spell that sent Choronzon back to hell. One would say that the book is her way of coping with what happened that night. With Lilith, Jacob, and all the other bad things. But she wouldn't say that.
No way. Fuck you.


Rich is Jane's roommate, or rather, Jane is Rich's roommate, since it's really his place and he pays for everything.

Never leaving town after the demons attacked, Rich has been working at the high school as a Gym teacher, which sucks. In high school, he was very much in love with Lilith, whom he could not save the night Jane casted her spell. But he's over it. Yeah, sure. Whatever you say man.


Jacob was also there back then, but after the HellGate closed and Lilith was gone, he quickly left for college and never came back. Too many old wounds. But life's a funny thing, and a job teaching English at the high school has brought him back. Maybe he can finally make sense of what happened ten years ago, and maybe reconnect with Jane, or maybe quietly say nothing.


Kate doesn't give a fuck. Yeah she was also there, yeah she cut off a werewolf's head, but what's past is past and everyone's just lucky they are not dead. Like Rich, she never left town, and has since become the bartender at a local bar, serving old sad men who can't get over their demons and young sad men who can't get over their demons. See what I did there? Anyways, Kate has been vaguely seeing Rich, even though she knows its dysfunctional. But isn't everything?


Fred Jones is going to be mayor. He said it every god damn day in high school. Football team, student government, all that shit. He's been practicing on his smile and his handshake since he was ten years old. He's currently running for School Board Trustee, and the last thing he wants to bring up is that one night ten years ago he fought a demon with 5 of his sort-of friends. And the REAL last thing he wants to bring up is how that demon showed him a ghost of his father to taunt and humiliate him. Because he's going to be mayor. Mayors don't have ghost dads.


Lilith is dead. She was also the best. Smart. Athletic. Alpha. Jane's best friend and Rich's girlfriend (sort of, shut up, don't talk about it), Lilith quickly rose to the challenge of leading the gang when Choronzon arrived. She blew up the gas tank when Choronzon crawled out of the earth. She locked down the library when the Army of Ghosts arrived. And she was there in the Graveyard, leaping at Choronzon, sending him down into the hole Jane created. But she fell too. She didn't make it. She's dead.




Astaroth is a demon with a vengeance. He goes by many names like most demons, and has no problem telling them all to you. He is the younger brother of Choronzon, and has been sore about the 6 mortal teenagers who killed him for ten years now. And now he's making his way into the moral world, ready to kill them all. Except he has yet to take corporeal form, and is now just a specter, who can taunt and threaten Jane, but not really do much else. How and when will he physically manifest? I don't know I haven't written that yet.


Choronzon was a big fucking demon. Like seriously. He had wings and big horns and was like 15 feet tall. Ten years ago, a strange occurrence allowed him to take form in the human world, right in Rich's backyard. Having been released upon the Earth, he decided to do what's best and destroy everything. But he didn't account for 6 teens to get their shit together and fight him. Who knew they would understand magic, or anointed weapons, or how to dispel his Army of Ghosts? After a week of terror, he made one finally attempt to kill them at the local graveyard, but man did he fuck up. Jane casted her spell, vanquishing Choronzon and leaving the human world demon free. Well, until now.


The Morrigan is a demon and a goddess of death. She ferries the dead into the afterlife, most of the time. But, she has been known to resurrect a human from time to time for her earthly pleasures. A true goth at heart, she finds solace in graveyards, forests, and the loneliness in humanity's heart. Death is her lover. Sadness her drug.


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