Hello and welcome to where you read about the people who make GRAVES.


Here is the <credits> for GRAVES;


Jane…….. Christine Nyland

Rich…….. Rich Vience

Jacob…….. Jacob A. Ware

Kate…….. Kate Dearing

Fred Jones…….. Christian Nilsson


Astaroth…….. Hugo Lopez

The Morrigan (Season 2)…….. Vanessa Cuccia


Lilith…….. Pamela Mitchell


Special Effects Makeup by

Beatrice Sniper


Music by

Hugo Lopez


Original Artwork by

Amanda Scurti

Kerin Cunningham


Puppet Design by

Pamela Mitchell


Director of Photography

Daniel Fox



Ian MacInnes


Produced by

Terence Krey

Dan Fox

Christine Nyland


Written by

Terence Krey


Directed by

Terence Krey & Dan Fox


Terence Krey (Creator, Writer, Co-Director) is, fuck, I don't know man. Who likes to talk about themselves? Nobody.

I made a web series called Oh, Inverted World back in 2010, and a feature film called Winter Slides in 2013. Both of them clearly show their age so I decided to be ahead of the curve with GRAVES and make it look even older. Ha ha. Anyways I like weird, gothic things that tell sad, relatable stories. I've been told I should be less self-deprecating and judging from the copy on this website I have not been doing a good job.


Dan Fox (Co-Director, Director of Photography)  is a long struggling indie filmmaker from Long Island. Fox drowns his sorrows in his large film collection which is the only thing that brings him true happiness. Making films with his long time pal, Terence is kinda cool too. I've also been told to be less self deprecating as well but I feel like that would be a little too off brand. In a nutshell, Fox makes films, collects films and loves films, what else do you need to know? We've put a lot of ourselves into our work and we hope that our passion and commitment to our work equals some small about of enjoyment for you, the viewer.


Christine Nyland ("Jane," Producer) is a NYC-based actor and writer. And producer too now I guess. When she's not busy nagging Terence or being Jane, she occasionally plays characters who smile in films like the upcoming
Garden Left Behind and the dramatic thriller Worthless. Just kidding. She doesn't smile in those either.




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